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Jul 23 2014


A little past the half way mark to review my SMART Goals (or SMARTer Goals – Specific; Measurable; Attainable; Relevant; Time-specific; Evaluate; Revise. ).

Yes, my plate is full!

Despite that I still seem to have plenty of time to sit on my ass and watch Netflix :P



Some of my remaining SMART Goals for 2014:

□ Get Married (seemed appropriate to add to the list and deserving attention)

□ Honeymoon in San Fran (tickets booked…very little planned thus far)

□ Credit Card paid off (aggressive payment and careful monitoring of usage)

PYOP in production (75-80% complete…received REAL feedback from actual customers)

□ 170-175 lbs; < 9% BF (Monitoring weight daily and tracking with dashboard chart; still need to re-test BF more precisely…perhaps with calipers)

□ 100 pushups (Weekly attempt and chart; Utilize 100 Pushups iPhone app)

LingQ: 14,000 known words in French ( I will systematically create a daily study ritual)

□ Canadian Sports Parachuting Association Coach 2 Rating Certified (I have several coaching contacts to complete)

□ Complete my Competent Leader for Toastmasters (Not certain the remaining items…but I will print out and review before EVERY TM meeting)


Completed SMART Goals for 2014:

■ Passed my DELF B1 (French Intermediate fluency test)

■ Completed 20 Chin-ups

■ LingQ: Listened to 75 hours of French

■ Canadian Sports Parachuting Association Ground Control Instructor Rating Certified

■ Completed my Competent Communicator for Toastmasters


Jul 16 2014

PayPal’s Ascii Art

A random find…if you’re to look at the source code on Paypal’s homepage (<3 the background movie BTW)…. you’ll see the following ASCII art and job posting!


I like their style!!!  Who else would be poking in their code?  People they ideally want to hire.  Reminds me of Google’s math problem job offering on a billboard.

May 15 2014

“A Good Friday”

Here’s another video I put together for fun.

My family and their friends gathered all those of young and young at heart at the famous Anchor Park in Holland Landing, ON on Good Friday for an Easter Egg hunt!!!

I am a little discouraging that YouTube has limited the viewing of this video because I used a copyrighted track, Imagine Dragons – On Top Of The World. I am unable to “syndicate” to mobile devices, meaning unable to play MY video on mobile devices.

Fair enough.  It’s a good tune and seemed fitting regardless.  Sorry mobile users!

It really was A Good Friday!

May 12 2014

MongoDB Tutorial

I’m very impressed with and loved playing with MongoDB test drive!!!


Interested that Millennial Mainframe mentioned about MetLife enabling new recruits using z/OS and MongoDB.

Apr 15 2014

“No sky for you Germany!”

I just made a quick video of my first skydives for the year up for my other blog 30journey.

YouTube indicates my video is block in some countries because I used NOFX as the soundtrack.

Which country you ask?  Germany(?!).

Does Germany have a beef with Fat Mike and company?

If any of my Germany brethren want a copy of this AMAZING typical shaky cam skydiver video…I will be MORE than happy to Dropbox; S3; whatever!

Feb 26 2014

Windows .BAT Scripts for Uploading files to z/OS Mainframe

.BAT Coding for z/OS Uploading

As mentioned on Millennial Mainframer.

Here’s some glorious nerdry I’ve been laboring at work to make my and others’ lives easier creating Windows .BAT scripts for uploading files to z/OS mainframe.  Before this all this all the declarations for z/OS allocations were manually done and very time consuming.

The code is pretty straight forward once you start playing with it.

Some irritations you’ll find with Windows batch files (we’re still using XP regretfully) is that while it’s not CASE sensitive…there’s some strict syntax and limitations.

For example I was struggling with IF ELSE statements which require a strict format; spacing when outputting to a textfile; and using global and local variables within the script which ended up with me creating multiple procedures as a workaround.

Since Batch files in Windows are pretty limited I would have LOVED to use PowerShell.
However I knew that a simple .BAT would at least guarantee to work on our secure workstations.

(Note: The following code below works as presented with spacing and format.)

Continue reading

Feb 25 2014

The School Board vs. Justin’s Cochlear Implants

Justin’s Cochlear Implants

My friend Heather posted this shocking post on her Facebook timeline of her son’s school board doing the biggest mistake they could make with Justin and his Cochlear Implants…

pissing off his MOM!

 Cochlear Implants

Jan 31 2014

REXX Message Shenanigans

Here’s the REXX EXEC that I made this light Friday as a cheeky message for people trying to run something at work.

As mentioned here on Millennial Mainframer.

/* REXX EXEC */                                                                 
/* FOR TIVOLI DECISION SUPPORT FOR Z/OS (TDSZ)                */                
/*                                                            */                
/* PAUL GAMBLE - Mar 14 2013                                  */                
/*                                                            */                
/* Workaround for userid.DRLFPROF req.                        */                
/*                                                            */                
ADDRESS ISPEXEC "VGET (ZUSER)"                                                  
savemem = zuser||'.PROF'                                                    
"ALLOC DA('"savemem"')"                                                         
If rc > 0 Then do                                                               
say '*******************************************************'                 
say '                                                       '                 
say 'YOUR USERID HLQ.                                       '                 
say '                                                       '                 
say '                                                       '                 
say 'COPYING "SOME.DATASET.PROF" to 'zuser||'.PROF'                 
say '                                                       '                 
say '                                                       '                 
say '                         oooo$$$$$$$$$$$$oooo                             '
say '                      oo$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$o                         '
say '                   oo$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$o         o$   $$ o$   '
say '   o $ oo        o$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$o       $$ $$ $$o$  '
say 'oo $ $ "$      o$$$$$$$$$    $$$$$$$$$$$$$    $$$$$$$$$o       $$$o$$o$   '
say '"$$$$$$o$     o$$$$$$$$$      $$$$$$$$$$$      $$$$$$$$$$o    $$$$$$$$    '
say '  $$$$$$$    $$$$$$$$$$$      $$$$$$$$$$$      $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$    '
say '  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$    $$$$$$$$$$$$$    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$  """$$$      '
say '   "$$$""""$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$     "$$$     '
say '    $$$   o$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$     "$$$o   '
say '   o$$"   $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$       $$$o  '
say '   $$$    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$" "$$$$$$ooooo$$$  '
say '  o$$$oooo$$$$$  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$   o$$$$$$$$$$$$$$  '
say '  $$$$$$$$"$$$$   $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$     $$$$""""""""     '
say ' """"       $$$$    "$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$"      o$$$              '
say '            "$$$o     """$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$"$$"         $$$               '
say '              $$$o          "$$""$$$$$$""""           o$$$                '
say '               $$$$o                                o$$$"                 '
say '                "$$$$o      o$$$$$$o"$$$$o        o$$$$                   '
say '                  "$$$$$oo     ""$$$$o$$$$$o   o$$$$""                    '
say '                     ""$$$$$oooo  "$$$o$$$$$$$$$"""                       '
say '                        ""$$$$$$$oo $$$$$$$$$$                            '
say '                                """"$$$$$$$$$$$                           '
say '                                    $$$$$$$$$$$$                          '
say '                                     $$$$$$$$$$"                          '
say '                                      "$$$""                              '
say '                                                                          '
say '        EVERYTHING IS WORKING...                                          '
say '                                                                          ' 
say '        LIFE IS GOOD.                                                     ' 
say '                                                                          ' 
say '        PLEASE ENJOY.'                                                      
say ' '                                                                          
say '*******************************************************'                    
  profmem = "SOME.DATASET.PROF"                                            
  "ALLOCATE DA('"savemem"') NEW SPACE(10,5) DSORG(ps)                            
   RECFM(S) LRECL(80) BLKSIZE(32720)"                                            
  "ALLOC F(SYSUT1)   DA('"profmem"') SHR"                                        
  "ALLOC F(SYSUT2)   DA('"savemem"') SHR"                                        
  "ALLOC F(SYSPRINT) DUMMY"                                                      
  "ALLOC F(SYSIN)    DUMMY"                                                      
  "FREE  F(SYSUT1 SYSUT2 SYSPRINT SYSIN)"                                        
end /* Then do */

Jan 10 2014

2014 SMARTer Goals

Another year is upon us and we have many opportunities and adventures ahead!

Have you made your SMART(ER) goals for 2014?







Dec 2 2013

30Journey: Online Business


I’ve decided to start yet another 30Journey Challenge…an online business!

For the next 30 Days I’ll be working and plugging away to launch my online business.

Ahhh…will it be a good idea?

Follow me and find out!