43Things no more!

As you can guess from the previous posts, I'm quite fond of setting goals then finding ways to monitor my progress to completion. It's become something of an obsession to setup my life so I accomplish things automatically by putting the right "systems" in place.

Well it's usually this time of year that I set my New Year Resolutions, SMART(er) goals, etc. I have loved playing with a free social site called 43things.com

Unfortunately they're pulling the plug. :(


I have to say I did see trouble when ads were polluting the site and making it a fraction of its once greatness...I hate it when I'm right.

At least they were decent enough to let their users export their goals. Here's mine for those that care: paulywill's 43things

A little searching did reveal some scandal or finger pointing to the fact 43things was connected to Amazon.

Meh...I found it useful once upon a time.

Thanks again 43things!

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