BMC Remedy Sucks! – And Here’s Why

BMC Remedy = Bad First Impression

We've recently been requested to use BMC Remedy for incident management at work.  While I have experience with some other z/OS products from BMC -  it's shocking that Remedy is probably their most known product that generates revenue and yet so evil and all thesaurus words stemming from evil.

My verdict? Not a good solution, and here's why.

"Where's the ahhhh...."

Looks as though the person that made the initial macro (meaning the user interface to open tickets) included everything except the relevant information.

This is probably not Remedy's fault...but GUILTY for allowing such a monstrosity to occur.

I have a theory why Google, Apple, and even Facebook became giants.  They had clean solutions.

While there certainly other search engines that were in the market first; and cheaper PCs more powerful than Macs; and several MySpace and goofy social sites...

They were all cluttered!

When you needed to find the symptoms for that venereal disease A-SAP... you didn't have time to get sidetracked by horoscopes and lotto numbers.

That's why Google became the go to search engine.  One text field, and two buttons.

BMC Remedy would be the early version of Yahoo! or some other forsaken search engine...clutter with crap.

(Again, might not be Remedy that gave this defected default Trouble Ticket screen.)

Error message are not that useful

BMC Remedy Error

I've spent the last 15 mins trying to close a ticket to status "RESOLVED".   Now even though the incident has been resolved several months ago I will forever to haunted by people in theme of asking me why I didn't receive the memo about the TPS Reports.


The Irony is Captured

I just had to create a Trouble Ticket with Remedy asking how to close a Trouble Ticket in Remedy.  This might be considered a Level 2 support ticket.


I could rant on and on the ills and downfalls of BMC Remedy but that'd be counter productive.

If your organization is thinking about implementing BMC Remedy at least inquiry about the alternatives!


16 thoughts on “BMC Remedy Sucks! – And Here’s Why”

    1. Tell me how that works out. I cannot stand this remedy Crap any longer.

      ITIL is another BOGUS pile of crud that needs to be burned.

  1. I wish my bosses would have read this before implementing this living hell upon us.

    The information you actually want is hidden within 3-4 layers of fucking popups.

    Now its just too late…they wont change after spending so much money on it.

    1. Errr…what’s that expression?

      “Eating your own dog food.”

      My sympathies…let me know if you have tips on survival for others.

  2. Its october now, 2013. remedy 8 is here and its worse then ever. i literally cannot do my job because fields wont fill in or depopulate or my save button disappears(IE chrome firefox dont work in any of them)! le sigh.

    1. Damn!

      When will management sit down and use the same crap they purchased?!

      Ohhh…I sense this bad software is becoming a poor standard solution globally.

      Any tips on Remedy Survival?!

      1. Buy a flask, or sneak some THC into your vape. Once they buy into Remedy there is no escape. It isn’t a standard, the people above you just believed the hype, and are idiots.

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  4. Yeah, spent 2 days trying to make a report in Remedy 8. The fields in the call logging part of the app aren’t always in the reporting area for some reason.

    I hate this sh*t!

  5. We just switched from JIRA to Remedy. NO ONE likes it. In fact, I was hanging out with some friends and mentioned I just got a job where one of them works and immediately we bonded over how awful it is.

  6. I work for a State government. Remedy succeeds in making me do less actual work as I fight random errors and the awful interface.
    Let me list the ways:
    1. My supervisory staff is more concerned with proving that we all work with large numbers of reports that they use during meetings. They do not realize that the only people who look like they are doing anything are the ones who just pass tickets around all day. The people who actually fix problems, deal with the problems first, and forget about the unreliable Remedy app. I just need an email sent to me, or an I.M., and I can fix it. They spend more money reporting on my progress, then allowing me to actually fix things.
    Errors seemingly happen at random. The ubiquitous 100 character or less error rears it’s ugly head when you least expect it.
    Relating incidents can get you in trouble, and a flood of buried options are nearly impossible to find.
    2. Time outs are set very aggressive, since we bought a bare minimum number of licenses. This means that I walk away for a ticket, have to login, and reset my browser cache throughout the day, because it is so expensive. Wait, isn’t it supposed to be cheap?
    3. The training on how to use BMC Remedy is nothing more than an excuse to name drop other BMC modules to extend the application and incur larger license fees for additional functionality. The training is almost unreadable because they repeat BMC Remedy this and BMC Remedy that. I suppose I could use sed to edit out every reference to “BMC Remedy bla bla bla”
    4. We continually ask our Remedy “expert” consultant to fix problems, but he can’t, because the buisness wants to keep it as “out of the box” as possible. He talks as fast as the Remedy guy in charge of this mess. We have been promised a migration to the New and improved version for 3 years, and no changes, and it is still slow and buggy.
    5. Some modules don’t even work, like “Knowledge Management”. The search results are useless, and it is impossible to update information with the built in .rtf editor. RTF? Are you kidding me? 6. different applications are seemingly pasted togather with completely different look and feel. one part might run in flash, another in html, still another with heavy javascript. It takes months to get used to.
    7. The longer we wait the more dependent the business is on this awful software. It is impossible to discuss this with supervisor staff, because they have all given up. We invested too much money in it, so we are going to polish the turd until we are all canned.

    1. The most infuriating thing is that one of our “outstanding” ticket creating employee’s couldn’t troubleshoot a matchbox to save her life. This person is unable to type out a complete sentence, and does not bother to troubleshoot anything lest it involves work. This person spent 25+ years answering phone calls as a phone operator, and never paid a dime for IT training. Now this person does tech support, and gets paid 2x more than several long term employees with college degrees and tech school certificates. These trained people are working hard to fix the problems she passes on without any information or trouble shooting input. Asking her for more information on the issue is futile, because she knows almost as much as the customer. This is government work people, it is nauseating in the extreme. As you watch your skill level decline and complete idiots rise above.

  7. Ranting is not counter productive. Someone has to use their voice. The problem with Remedy is that it gets installed in places where people are afraid to voice their opinions. We have that problem where I work. Everything is wonderful when it comes from above. Just ask them. They work from home, because it is more efficient. They get reports on my ticket creation to improve my productivity, and knowledge retention. My inspirational leaders are so wonderful, they can sit at home and pet their dogs, and tell me how efficient they are at their meetings. I see them once a week on a video camera, if that. Sometimes I don’t see them for weeks at a time, because they have other meetings to attend during my one meeting a week that I have with them. They are so good at leading by example, they do so much for me. I love them so. Barf…
    This is the work environment of the Remedy system. A dispassionate place where everyone knows their job doesn’t mean anything. It is more important to talk fast and make it look like you are doing something. Please check your brain in and follow the idiots to their doom.

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