Day 31: No complaints or swearing for 30 Days! – FAIL

Well it's been 30 Days and I have to admit this experiment was literally a failure from Day 1.

Wishful thinking it's difficult to break a bad habit, especially losing my shit and swearing.  Please take note of the irony of previous sentence.

Stress at work; fights with my fiancee; allowing stupid people  to push my buttons.  It was moment after another of me turning into the Incredible HULK.  I also realized that when I'm around the lads I drop F-bombs and curse as part of my testosterone expression.  I'd be cursing just to empathize when a colleague or buddy would be venting or bitching around something to me.

Fuuucckkk...yeah man, that sucks.  Fuck it, don't worry about that kind of donkey shit.

Thinking about how to "succeed" at this challenge I've decided a perhaps more productive experiment would be 30 Days of gratitude.  Trying to STOP something is MORE difficult than DOING something else in place.

Therefore I'm going to do a VERY simple gratitude entry every day about something I'm grateful in my life.  I'll do my best to make it interesting.  Check out  to see if I'll follow through.

For my epic failure I'm donating $30 to PETA.  I know I originally said $5 for EVERY VIOLATION...but my Andrew Dice Clay days would make me declare bankruptcy.

Therefore I changed the rules for myself (imagine that) and made it $1 a day that I violated.   Yes, a total cop out...but it's my game dammit!

Day 1: No complaints or swearing for 30 Days!

I've decided to start up my other blog,

Great minds think alike.

or more accurately...

Great minds steal alike.

I originally thought of after falling in love with watching Morgan Spurlock's 30 Days TV series.  Essentially taking someone and putting them in a situation they normally wouldn't be in for 30 days.  E.g. Morgan and his wife at the time trying to live on minimum wage for 30 days; or him going to prison for 30 days; an atheist living with a Christian family for 30 days.  I highly recommend it!

Recently I watched a TED talk by Matt Cutts who actually put into action the same idea I was "stewing" over.

Now inspired I'm taking this one on: No complaints or swearing for 30 Days!