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Eben Pagan has just released a new free report that shares 4 powerful steps to build your brand and market your products and services.

  1. The two types of branding - and why most companies use the WRONG one when they spend money to market themselves
  2. What branding actually is, and how it works on a psychological and emotional level
  3. How to combine your direct marketing and branding together - to make both a lot more powerful
  4. How to use these strategies to get a lot more customers, grow your business, and also grow your profit and income

The report also comes with a couple of PDF exercise downloads, and a video from Eben walking you through the steps to identifying your own brand “hot buttons” and using the strategies to build your brand and your sales.

You can get it all here by just opting-in:

Free report

Go download and read the report now, and learn how to profitably brand and market your products and services.



I <3 Marketing!


About a year or so ago I started to get into learning about Internet Marketing and Direct Response Marketing. What I assume would be a passing interest has only intensified the more I learn about it.

Some great ideas worth STEALING come directly from the I Love Marketing podcast with Joe Polish and Dean Jackson. Both have interesting stories of going from rags to riches using direct response marketing to drive their average businesses through the roof.

Direct response is different from what people typically think about when it comes to marketing. I've recently been paying attention to how small business owners will talk about how cool they are, and what they have to offer... and yet (and not their fault) give little or no consideration as to what their customer's real needs are.

e.g. A typical marketing campaign will be the theme of :

"Come see us now for low prices and crap you don't need!"

e.g. A direct response marketing campaign ask the customer to "raise their hand" and follow-up in perhaps stages or with educational marketing:

"Did you know your losing [something] because you don't even know the rules?   Place your email below to join our newsletter and receive our free report of the deadlest mistakes to avoid when doing X with Y and receive a direct link to our free online course on 'The 10 ways to increase A and B by 150%' "

The first example is just white noise to most people. The second example is a list generator, but offers free massive VALUE to customers. What marketing and information product guru Eben Pagan
coined as "Moving the Freeline".

Recently I've experimented with applying direct response marketing to my hiring process for the Parachute Packing Team I help run at Skydive Toronto. I quickly setup a webpage I'd been sitting on for awhile now ( in about an hour or so with GoDaddy and WordPress.


I flopped around once again creating this new website spending way too much time on the header and finally resolved something as simple and clean as possible. Using long copy I've described my story applying the same job I'm posting back in 2008, I also created a Gallery of very specific photos I thought would create a particular feeling.

My mission was simply to captivate the excitement of possible canidates with particular qualities I usually look for and create a list for a follow up email and training process. I placed an ad on with the URL link (cost $5.00) and now I have a slow growing list of applicants I can pick through.

So far it's been a fun little experiment as my first try at direct response marketing.

I'll have to post an update as the team is finally assembled.