Satisficers dot com

Yet another blog/website I've kept on the back burner for quite some time is

I stumbled on the concept of "satisficing" almost by mistake and have since LOVED applying the concept to my life.

Originally I heard about the idea from my mentor, author, and informational product guru Eben Pagan.  The concept is that rather than make yourself miserable in life by trying to "Optimize" every decision in life, including purchasing decision, you "Satisfice" .

Satisfy your needs, Sacrifice confusion (or maybe not getting every bell and whistle).

The great example that Eben Pagan gives, is that rather than spending months and years reaching which laptop to purchase, you go out buy the one that will meet your needs and be done with it.

Optimizers will do the opposite.  They're research and research and then they'll FINALLY make a decision and end having buyers remorse because they believed there's something better out there (which there always will be if you search for it).  This leads to a feeling of never satisfied with ANYTHING in life.

In my own life I'm making more decisions quickly and satisficing for my needs rather than measure things to misery.

Make a decision and move on to the next one.

Therefore rather than posting an endless list of things that fall under this category I thought it would be neato to create a separate website for such a following of people that vibe with that same philosophy (or parking that URL sonofabitch ).

I will carry forward relevant content.  Please follow and check in periodically to for biased advice and propaganda.