Passed my ITIL Foundations Exam

I have just passed my ITIL Foundations exam...and boy was it close!

65% is what is required for the 40 question multiple choice exam.

68% is what I walked away with.

Although as Joe, my online proctor said after, "Passing is passing."

How I Passed

I signed up quite a few months ago to an online self-directed ITIL course from ThoughtRock. Some of my colleagues at work have used other ITIL training from vendors such as EMC2, or taken overpriced in-class courses.

(Disclaimer: From personal observation I noticed more colleagues that used self-directed courses seem to have a lower passing grade than expensive in-class courses. Yes, myself included.)

ThoughtRock is great because it includes the exam you can do online. This is done through Loyalist which you can schedule and reschedule when you want to take the exam. The proctor will take over your computer and after photo ID verification and using the webcam to show your test area is clear of notes you begin the teat and the clock counts down.

Since they see what your screen is showing, monitor your webcam and mic, and whether your eyes are on screen the whole time...its a little intense. During the test I was asked not to read the questions out loud to myself. 😛

How I Studied

I kept putting off studying always to the end of working days, which I would always be mentally exhausted to attempt. Finally I received notification that my ThoughtRock training account was going to expire and I would have to pony up more funds just keep it open for addition time (I honestly cannot remember is it was a 30 or 60 day extension).

I bought the extension, requested from my boss some study time at home, and finally buckled down. CBTs (Computer Based Training) can be brutal!

Overall the pace of ThoughtRock was within my tolerance. Near the end I was able to mute the movie trailer narrator's voice and read faster to cover the material in the time I allotted. I give credit to Scott H. Young's MIT Challenge for speeding up the pace.

As I chewed through the training I busted out the Crayons and all different types of colourful pens and highlighters to make rememberable illustrations within my notes.


This might seem juvenial but this helped me remember abstract list of things. Credit to Joshua Foer's TED talk for making feats of memory a piece of cake.

Can't really say the material I illustrated was covered extensively on the test, but I'll always remember that information and it was certainly fun!

Here's some very odd and ridiculous illustrations in my notes that burned information into my memory. The more raunchier and more ridiculous the better! (Sloppyright




As always it helped to have a little coffee and encouragement from Kristen!


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