The Plan-Do-Check-Act Model and Melting Ass Fat

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It's been awhile since I've dove (white bird?)  into the joy of creating insightful content to be ignored by the masses.

I had originally created a blog in college, before they were called blogs, and loved re-posting random dark and tasteless humour I'd stumble across on the web.  It ran in the domain called (just a lovely bot site now).

As like most website owners I spent more time dedicated to making a niffy banner (oh that impressive Flash class put to good use) and rarely did anything result from my efforts on the content front.

The difference with this blog?

I will be playing with Dr W. Edwards Deming's Plan, Do, Check, Act. (Hat tip to Tony Robbins for bringing this academic and management concept to the masses.)  The model is something we do unconsciously already in a half ass clumsy manner.


Make a plan.  My evil plan here is to share my unusual learning adventures of enhancing my life with others.


Ahh shit...the tough part.  Actually doing that plan you just made.  I am more better at the planning of things and making delightful flow charts.  Do you find this to be the same with you?  I have a whole checklist and "open loops" and ambitious goals.  Well this is where I start putting accountability and testify and use all that neat social leverage and messed up approval seeking.


Check your results and analyze.  Hmmm...I guess I check the audience I'm attracting here or the results. This is important step here people. If you declare to lose 30 lbs and 30 years later you're on new might've missed this step or just plain distracted yourself with entertainment and comfort food.  Frequent checking and creating useful dashboards is the daily ritual.

Re-focus...checking is important.


Adjust things in accordance to that checking step. Then back to Plan.


This model is applicable to anything in life:

  1. Make a new PLAN
  2. Start DOing it
  3. CHECK results
  4. ACT (or STUDY) in accordance and make adjustments
  5. Repeat the cycle


Case Study


In the last few months I was aiming to lose the infamous "last 10 lbs".


I exercised 2-3 times a week and followed The SCD (ref: Tim Ferris). I would weight myself in the morning in just my undies and put the the result in a simple Google Drive spreadsheet.


Despite my efforts doing poop loads of cardio and a careful diet (or so I thought) my last bit of weight was not coming off!


Then walking through the local bookstore I came across The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet
(*disclaimer that's an evil affiliate link *). I read it in a few sittings and it was making a lot of sense. I'm slightly biased as I'm big into evolutionary psychology.

I remembered the post on the 4HWW that introduced Robb Wolf and his book but it wasn't until recently that I bought the book.  I was doing all sorts of evil things to my own body and not even realizing it.  In fact I was giving myself inflammation and my body was responding with ass fat.

I made a new PLAN to follow the basic principles and WITHIN A WEEK (DO) I had people concerned because I was melting the weight off (CHECK). Not quite what I was aiming for, but the results were that drastic! I am maintaining the weight I'm at now (ACT) and will be adding some more strength training (PLAN).

(The short version of The Paleo Diet: stop getting crap like all grains, wheat, and things with gluten; no dairy; no sugar; lots of meat and fat; act like a cave person since your body was designed for that era not trans-fat couch surfing HDTV era; laugh at vegans and vegetarians.)

Boom skies,

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