A little past the half way mark to review my SMART Goals (or SMARTer Goals - Specific; Measurable; Attainable; Relevant; Time-specific; Evaluate; Revise. ).

Yes, my plate is full!

Despite that I still seem to have plenty of time to sit on my ass and watch Netflix 😛



Some of my remaining SMART Goals for 2014:

□ Get Married (seemed appropriate to add to the list and deserving attention)

□ Honeymoon in San Fran (tickets booked…very little planned thus far)

□ Credit Card paid off (aggressive payment and careful monitoring of usage)

PYOP in production (75-80% complete…received REAL feedback from actual customers)

□ 170-175 lbs; < 9% BF (Monitoring weight daily and tracking with dashboard chart; still need to re-test BF more precisely…perhaps with calipers)

□ 100 pushups (Weekly attempt and chart; Utilize 100 Pushups iPhone app)

LingQ: 14,000 known words in French ( I will systematically create a daily study ritual)

□ Canadian Sports Parachuting Association Coach 2 Rating Certified (I have several coaching contacts to complete)

□ Complete my Competent Leader for Toastmasters (Not certain the remaining items...but I will print out and review before EVERY TM meeting)


Completed SMART Goals for 2014:

■ Passed my DELF B1 (French Intermediate fluency test)

■ Completed 20 Chin-ups

■ LingQ: Listened to 75 hours of French

■ Canadian Sports Parachuting Association Ground Control Instructor Rating Certified

■ Completed my Competent Communicator for Toastmasters