Zombie Walk 2012 - SP

K-10 decided to treat her man (mailman not available so she took me) to the movies Friday night to see Warm Bodies.   Opening night and the cinema was packed!  I thought it was great movie in part because it took the perspective a zombie this time, rather than a survivor.  Also very comical.

The Walking Dead, flash mobs, now romantic comedies?!  Yes, I'm part of the craze. 

There was an interesting discussion this morning with some of my colleagues regarding the obsession...or Zombsession that's gripping fans like crazy!

Why are people so hung up and hooked on zombies?

Theory #1: The Chasing Nightmare

We've all had that dream where we're being chased.  They're faceless, or without soul, and yet in our minds they seem to know all the hiding spots and we're barely getting away.  There's something about the constant running to survive that's horrific, yet very relatable.  We want to see them escape, yet watch knowing there’s no where to run.  

Theory #2: The Ultimate Playground

There's always a scene of the "survivors" doing guilt-free looting and purging stores, hospitals, and anywhere in between in order to survive.  It’s impossible not to think what we’d grab, what we’d carry, and how we’d survive.  Probably the best zombie movie to exploit this throughout the entire movie was Zombieland.  The entire movie was a group trying to stay amused and in search of Twinkies.  Absolutely brilliant!

Theory #3: The Killer Within

Always armed to the teeth, clearing rooms, and always organizing into a misfit size army with delusions of invincibility blowing heads off.  There’s something about that which, as a guy, justifies a gory delight wishing to killing something that deserve to be killed.  The hunter-gatherer inside me is just gathering…and usually crap from Walmart I don’t need.  Give me a monster without a soul coming at me on the screen in a kill or be killed scenario and all of sudden it’s pushing buttons inside me I didn’t know where there.


Final Thought

The zombie genre keeps evolving as well, always one rebooting the monster with a different spin.  I must say Zombie Strippers! while barely thought provoking, was a testament that anything could be zombified.   I say keep it going until we’ve reached a “Twilight point” we did with vampires and then simmer down.


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